Take a Peek 9ine

The mail only Peek, which seems to be an economical way to get email wirelessly, is going to start doing alot more than just email. Facebook app, SMS, Twitter, Weather, Exchange, document support, and app development was announced on Peek.com. They’re calling the new unit the ‘Peek 9ine’ because – seriously – they say it’s 9 times faster. Read on for more about why this device could be something special.

Peek’s original idea is inexpensive access to wireless email with a simple, inexpensive device. I know many people who can’t upgrade to a new smartphone. It may be work-related, contract related, or simple preference that keeps them away. Which ever it is, they might appreciate a device that lets them get email on the road without breaking the bank. And Peek’s just made their device a whole lot more appealing. Combine these new features with their continuing $250 lifetime server, and this could save you a serious chunk of change. No cell phone contract, no monthly fees, and it’s not a bad looking little device. Even if the app development doesn’t pan out, the addition of Exchange support and SMS’s makes Peek much more appealing.


~ by anthrobug on September 20, 2010.

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