VLC for the iPad

VLC has come to the iPad, bringing along a handful of additional file formats to everyone’s favorite tablet. There’s a catch however; AVI, MKV, DIVX, etc files are not hardware accelerated which will leave some frustrated. Click on to read more about VLC’s arrival on the iPad.

The good news is that this expands the library of video files you can play on the iPad without having to convert them first. The bad news is the lack of hardware acceleration is not only going to make playing HD difficult, it might also seriously effect the battery life when playing any non-accelerated video. The CPU has to work much harder to decode a video and display it without that hardware acceleration Apple built in that supports MPEG/H.264. Based on Gizmodo.com’s testing of VLC, they found a DIVX formatted AVI file in standard definition or up to 960X540 is the best bet for smooth playback.

And how does one get their videos into VLC? Inside iTune’s ‘File Sharing’ feature: Simply go into File Sharing and pick VLC. You’ll then see an ‘Add’ button to pick videos to copy over to your iPad during the next sync. You can also just drag and drop files in, so adding multiple items should be a snap. VLC is up on the App store right now, and it’s 100% free.


~ by anthrobug on September 20, 2010.

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