Gizmodo’s problems with the iPad, and the resulting linkbait article

The latest article by Gizmodo about what a letdown the new iPad is:

iPad 3 Review: Better Than Anything Else, but Kind of a Letdown

Let’s take a look at what they didn’t like, and thus why it’s ‘kind of a letdown’:

1) Bigger battery takes longer to charge

So… yea… Takes longer to charge. About 5.5 hours based on user reports. Of course, if you use a different power adapter it will take longer ( iPad adapter is 10W, iPhone/iPod charger is 5W ) but then you’re not using the right adapter so it takes longer. But anyway, I don’t see this being a big deal- you plug it in when you go to sleep, and it’s charged in the morning. In under 6 hours.

2) iPad gets ‘warm’

Has anyone at Gizmodo used a Windows laptop in the last decade? Or the original MacBook Air about 4 years ago? Those get ‘warm’ – warm enough to cause concerns. But the iPad goes up to 113F, which I guess means Gizmodo is getting a start on the thermalgate controversy.

3) iSight camera is still VGA

A better camera would be nice, but it does the job. And anyway the back camera is the workhorse, and it’s now acceptable at 5mp.

4) Buyers remorse who bought the iPad 2

Seriously? This is a problem for the iPad? New tablets come out every 30 minutes, and some brands have different versions that come out multiple times a year, but Apple who updates the iPad once a year is the major player for buyers remorse?

These are minor issues being gussied up to make it appear like the iPad is a letdown. If you’re going to complain about charging times, show us how fast other tablets charge. Or what the highest temperatures are on competitors tablets during heavy usage. Or perhaps talk about other issues that buyers of the new iPad will need to take into account, like the increasing size of apps or the wifi signal being weaker.

Of course the ‘kind of letdown’ makes a perfect linkbait title for this review. Even though the iPad isn’t perfect, gizmodo does say it’s better than anyone else’s tablet on the market today. They just need some things to complain about to justify the title. Of course it isn’t Gizmodo alone making stories/reviews more sensational to attract attention, it seems like everyone does this.


~ by anthrobug on March 25, 2012.

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